Work sucks.
This week has been incredible. Too busy, too much work, not enough hours in the day.

So I'm going to use this weekend to rest and renew, and come Monday morning, I'm going to start over, fresh and better adjusted.

I gained some weight back, as this has been my daughter's birthday week. Cake, doughnuts, pizza,.....*sigh*. But in the last few days, despite being so busy, I've managed to shave 2 pounds off.

This is always going to be a struggle. I'm hoping that sooner than later, I can find the right routine for me. I want to get used to adjusting my life last minute to prevent failure in my goals.

Ahhhh well, this is still the beginning of my a new period.

Weekend is over, bah.
First, I wanted to share this awesome lunch my kid had. I SWEAR this is just how the egg randomly cooked in the pan. I had to make a giant was begging me!!!

This week, the bento challenge is to make healthier bentos. I'm going to be focusing on less protein, more veggies. I'm pretty bad about eating only brown food - and green is good!

Bento Challenge, Day 4
So, I decided to go without a bento lunch today. I was really busy at work, and knew I'd be munching on sweets, testing stuff for the investors. Also, we had a rich dinner, so I tried to take it easy. Spaggetti Carbonara, bread, and salad.

Tomorrow for dinner I'm planning a roast pork loin with apples and brown sugar, cornmeal mush with fresh corn, salad......maybe some kale also. We'll see......

I haven't noticed anything different in my size, but I'm already getting better at maintaining energy without coffee. My mid-morning miso helps a LOT. If you haven't ever done this, please do - mix your favorite miso paste with either some finely chopped bonito flakes, or some instant dashi granules, and wrap heaping spoonfuls in plastic wrap. This is just perfect for a large coffee mug portion.

I'm challenging myself next week to start a daily exercise routine. 3 days a week, I'll do a video or a hearty hike, the rest of the week at very least some basic stretching . I have a few small free weights, an exercise ball, and around 5 videos that I have done many times, and enjoy. The Billy Blanks boot camp is cool - hard, but not overly so. For a real butt-kicking, I like my Jillian video, she's one of the trainers on the Biggest Loser.

Good luck to ME!!!

Bento Challenge, Day 3
Here is Wednesday's bento in all it's healthy glory.

Fairly basic as far as the bowl goes - White rice, leftover thai meatloaf, some raw veggies, pickles, and some butternut squash roasted with a miso tahini pecan paste. Soy on the side, and half a wasa cracker with some roasted carrot spread.

I ended up chucking about half of the rice, I think I need to not pack so much stuff. Just one protein and some veggies, that should do it.

Pic from Yesterday's Bento!

Here it is in all it's glory - but I need to eat more veggies!

Bento Chellenge, Day 2

For today's meal, I had some brown rice, pickles, sport peppers, and my fabulous homemade veggie chorizo!

Veggie Chorizo

4 Baked Potatoes, cubed and cooled
1 Tub of firm Tofu, crumbled
1 Can of Pumpkin Puree
2 TB Achiote Sesoning
2 TB Chili Powder
2 TB Toasted Ground Cumin
Salt and Pepper To Taste

What can I say - I just throw it all in a pan and heat. Usually let it simmer untill a lot of the moisture is gone and the potatoes have sucked up some flavor.

I'm sitting at my work computer, and will post the photo of my Bento later tonight.

Bento Challenge, day 1
Today was so easy.......too easy, hah! Here's a picture of what I packed from home:

White rice, soy sauce egg, okonomiyaki, mini-burgers, nori strips, and instant miso. And my favorite earl grey tea. ^_^

I brought a baggie of my favorite teas from home, so I'm not so tempted to make lattes all day.

Finally, after adding some bits from work, here is the finished bento:

I added some fresh bell pepper rings, some blanched green beans, and some lemon cucumber pickles.

For dinner, my man made sopes with chicken and black beans, more black beans on the side, and fideo. I went easy on everything except the beans.

Onto tomorrow! Bento Challenge!
I came across this website a while back, and fell in love with it. Recently, their sister site posted a 5-week bento challenge, motivating people to eat more bento lunches for health, weight loss, and budgety goodness. Check it out right here. I am all about this, it's a great motivation, and a great way for me to learn more about my camera! Check out people's bento photos here.

I've been slacking off BIG TIME in posting my meals. So I am going to re-start with the bento challenge, but continue it further here in my journal. As a good starter for me, I'd like to share a few photos and a little info behind me and my weight challenges - both sides of the scale, folks. ^_^

First off, here's my senior photo, with me at about 200 lbs. I topped at around 250. What can I say - I grew up in a family of junk-food junkies. My mom USED to cook, now she re-heats.

Next is me at my healthiest. I was cooking for myself, and eating vegetables, fruit, and a fairly meat-free diet. I was hovering around 135, thin, but with a bit of padding in all the best girie places. This is from Halloween, not a goth-night out on the town. ^_^


This is where things got scary. This photo is me around 100 lbs. Note the clavicle! I was eating less than 800 calories a day, more like 400 most days. I had a lot of meals of cigarettes, coffee and altoids. My thinnest was at 75 lbs.

So how did I get back to my current weight of 190? Had a baby, complete with weight scare form the doctors - my daughter was barely 6 lbs soaking wet. Went to culinary school, met the man of my dreams and moved to Yosemite National Park, where my new diet was burritos, frozen egg rolls, and beer. Now I've become too comfortable in my work as a Pastry Chef. Butter, chocolate, and bacon are frequent visitors to my belly.

Now I'm ready to regain my healthy self. I want more energy, a sexier body, and better health. I want to wear cute clothes, rather than hanging out all day in my cooks pants - the forgiving elastic waistband and balloon-like fit are like heaven for fat chicks.I want to be HEALTHY! No more starving myself, no more feeling bad about myself, no more guilt for a bite of chocolate!

Just being comfortable in my own skin again.

Day two, trying the photos again.
Yeah, my page is gonna suck for a while until I get used to the whole blog we goooo!

Yesterday, I forgot to take pictures of my later meals. So here is the breakdown.

Day one 

  1. One English Muffin
  2. Whole Orange


  1. One cup of leftover kinda fried rice - didn't use any oil, just broth, oyster sauce, mushroom soy, rice, pork, and veggies.
  2. 8 oz of 2 percent milk
  1. 4 oz of roasted chicken breast with skin
  2. 6 oz of steamed green beans with onions
  3. 6 oz of roasted russet potatoes with olive oil and thyme.
  4. 8 oz of muscadet wine
Later I will write in today's food.......!


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